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2017 – 2018 LWTech Student Handbook
Grade Forgiveness
To compensate for the effects of circumstances in a student’s past that negatively impacted his or her GPA, LWTech offers a grade forgiveness policy. This procedure requires a written appeal filed with Enrollment Services. You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for such an appeal:
 Grades must be three or more years old
 Only quarters including credits graded below a 2.0 may be forgiven
 Grade forgiveness can include one or several quarters from a census point back, as requested by
the student
 The student must demonstrate a 2.0 GPA in all decimal graded courses taken after the last date of
the period for which a student is requesting forgiveness
All courses in a given quarter are removed from the GPA but remain on the student’s transcript. A determination will be made whether grade forgiveness is appropriate on a case by case basis. Grade forgiveness can only be granted once. Grades previously forgiven will not be reinstated. Also, if a student is transferring to another college, that college may not recognize grade forgiveness granted at LWTech.
Grade Appeal and Change Procedures
Appeal Expectations and Conditions
A grade appeal only applies to the final course grade. The assignment of a grade is the sole right and responsibility of the instructor, reflecting his or her careful and deliberate judgment. Assigned grades are presumed to be correct. Students have the right to appeal a grade assigned in error or perceived as prejudiced, arbitrary, or capricious. In a grade appeal, the appropriate instructional division dean will meet only with the student and the instructor. No other advocate may be present. The student is responsible for knowing and initiating the grade appeal process; the burden of proof rests on the student. The student must file grade appeal with the appropriate division dean as indicated below within the academic quarter following the quarter for which the grade was received. Documented extenuating circumstances (such as medical complications or recall to military duty) may extend this timeline. Students needing assistance with the appeal process due to a disability or language barrier should contact the Director of Student Development before beginning the process.
Grade Appeal Process
Students are responsible for maintaining standards of academic progress and following course procedures established by their instructors. The purpose of the grade appeal is to recognize faculty authority in the grading process while protecting students from possibly erroneous, prejudiced, arbitrary, or capricious academic evaluation. All attempts to resolve grade disputes must originate between the student and the instructor.
1. The student must first meet with the instructor who assigned the grade. The instructor will explain the rationale for awarding the grade. The student is responsible for demonstrating grade error or that arbitrary or capricious assignment of the final course grade occurred.
a. If the student can provide evidence of multiple attempts to contact the instructor without a
response, the student may bring that evidence to the Dean and request to skip step one.
2. If the result of the student’s meeting with the instructor does not produce a satisfactory resolution of the student request, the student may appeal in writing (including a rationale for the appeal, date of meeting with faculty member, and all supporting documentation) to the appropriate division dean. The dean will:
a. Send the written student appeal to the faculty member requesting the faculty member’s written response and documentation supporting grade decision
b. Send the faculty written response and documentation to the student and inquire if this now resolves the situation:

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