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2017 – 2018 LWTech Student Handbook
All absences under this policy must be approved by the Office of Instruction in advance of the absence. LWTech will not authorize an absence for a student after the absence occurs without compelling circumstances.
The Office of Instruction will provide the student with a document verifying the date of the approved absence and further instructions. To protect the student’s privacy, this letter will not provide details about the student description of the absence. In order to ensure that their absence does not negatively affect their grades, the student must comply with directions for notifying their instructors of their upcoming authorized absence. The student is solely responsible for ensuring the documentation authorizing the absence is provided to each of the instructors whose classes or assignments will be affected by the absence.
After an instructor is notified by the student of an upcoming absence, the instructor will determine what adjustments, if any, will need to be made to the student's scheduled classwork or assignments. The instructor will inform the student of these adjustments within two days of receiving the student's notification.
If the student's desired absence date is on a day when a test was scheduled or an assignment was due, the instructor may require that the student take the test or submit the assignment before or after the regularly assigned date.
Regardless of an instructor’s class expectations or grading policies, absences authorized under this procedure will not adversely impact a student’s grade.
If a student fails to notify any of their instructors of an authorized absence (as directed by the Office of Instruction), the instructor is not obligated to make any accommodations for the student's absence or treat the absence as authorized under this policy or the law.

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