Page 39 - 2021-22 LWTech Student Handbook
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i. Review course materials, including evaluation criteria, and the student’s work
ii. Make a recommendation to the dean to deny, approve, or modify the appeal.
iii. Complete its work within 15 business days of the initial request for a grade appeal.
b. Review the reading committee’s work and render a written decision (including a brief rationale) to deny, approve, or modify the appeal within five business days (this timeline may be extended if all parties are informed in writing).
The decision of the dean is final.
Grade Change
After grades have been posted to the student transcript, they can only be changed for the following reasons: a) to correct an error in the calculation of the grade: b) to take into account additional work done to remove an Incomplete grade; c) as the result of a student grade appeal; or d) due to academic dishonesty.
A grade change form must be completed and submitted by the faculty of record for the class to the Enrollment Services before a grade change becomes official. Grade changes, not including grades under appeal, must be completed within one quarter following the end of the quarter that the class was officially scheduled. Incomplete grades must be made up no later than one quarter after the quarter in which the grade was given excluding summer. If the grade is not made up within this time period, the grade shall be a 0.0 (F) or a grade assigned by the instructor.
Academic Dishonesty Program Dismissal/Appeal and Final
Grade Appeal
The decision to remove a student from any instructional program due to academic dishonesty, or the decision to take other non-disciplinary actions based on allegations of academic dishonesty, may be made by the dean (or associate dean if there is one overseeing the program). The notice of program dismissal or other non-disciplinary actions will be in writing, provided to the student within 2 business days of the decision, and will include:
1. Language from college or program specific handbooks/procedures/policies stating the prohibited behavior and possible consequences.
2. A description of the incident and evidence used to make the decision.
3. A description of the decision including any time limits and referral to the student conduct process if applicable.
4. Rights of the student to appeal the decision and process to do so.
Student Appeal of Academic Dishonesty Program Dismissal or Final Grade
Students may appeal program dismissal, final grades and/or other non-disciplinary action(s) related to academic dishonesty to the honor code panel. The student must submit a written appeal within 21 calendar days after notice was served. The student’s appeal should be delivered to the Vice President of Instruction and must include a rationale for the appeal.

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