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2017 – 2018 LWTech Student Handbook
Information provided by law enforcement agencies concerning registered sex offenders attending the college may be obtained from the office of the Vice President of Student Services.
Upon receiving written notification from the County Sheriff’s Office, or any other agency, or self-disclosure from a prospective or enrolled student, about the likely presence of a sexual offender on or near any college controlled facility, activity or event, the college may take such steps as are necessary and appropriate under applicable state law to inform members of the college community of the presence of such persons. Persons likely to be present include applicants for admission, attending students, employees of the college or persons otherwise known or suspected to frequent the college or college controlled facilities, activities, or events.
The Manager of Campus Public Safety shall be the designated official to receive notifications from the County Sheriff’s Office or other police agencies. Prior to notification, the Manager of Campus Public Safety may, when deemed advisable, contact appropriate police and/or community corrections personnel to obtain information to guide notification actions. The Vice President of Student Services shall coordinate notification to the campus community with the Manager of Campus Public Safety. Any person on campus receiving notification from a police agency shall provide a copy of such notification to the Manager of Public Safety. The Vice President of Student Services, or designee, shall make the appropriate notifications if the offender is enrolled or deemed likely to enroll in, or to attend, a course, program, or other activity or event that is controlled or sponsored by the college. The Office of the Vice President of Student Services will maintain the following records on all registered sex offenders covered under this policy: copies of all files, photos and other correspondence provided by other agencies; a record of all notifications made; copies of all community advisory flyers or other public notices. In the case of a college employee, the Vice President for Human Resources, or equivalent officer, shall maintain a similar file and, with consultation of the President, shall coordinate notification.
The extent of the public disclosure of relevant and necessary information shall be rationally related to (a) the level of risk posed by the offender to the community, (b) the locations where the offender resides or is regularly found, and (c) the needs of the members of the college community for information to enhance their individual and collective safety. The extent and types of notifications may be adjusted on a case-by-case basis, but shall be generally guided by the offender risk factors as follows:
Level I - Low Risk
Notice Sent to:
• Campus Public Safety
• Student Conduct Officer
• Vice President of Student Services
• Vice President of Instruction
• Vice President of Administrative Services • College President
• Director of the Early Learning Center
• Principal/Dean of High School Programs • Executive Director of Human Resources • Director of Financial Aid
Additional Procedures for Level I Offenders:
• Offender is required to meet with student conduct officer within first quarter of enrollment
Level II - Medium Risk
Notice Sent to:
• All Level I notifications
• Faculty and staff in whose program and/or courses the student is enrolled

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