Page 43 - 2021-22 LWTech Student Handbook
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• Eligibility for participation in official activities and organizations
• College assigned email address
Students who choose to be excluded from the student directory as defined in Public Law 93-380
are requested to file a petition with Enrollment Services, West Building W201.
Release of Information to Health Department
For the well-being of the community and as a legal obligation, the college cooperates with local health departments in their investigations of infectious disease. The college will assist in notifying students who may have come in contact with an individual who has tested positive for a communicable illness, including sexually transmitted diseases. Staff may be asked for directory information about a student. This will be provided, as appropriate, to the health department. The college has identified its counselors as primary contacts with the health departments for the purpose of communicable disease contact notification. Inquiries about students are directed to the counselors whenever possible. Information will be supplied in a manner which provides for the mental and physical health of the students while their rights to strict confidentiality are protected. Strict confidentiality will be maintained in regard to information about sexually transmitted diseases.
Accommodations and Absences for Reasons of Faith or
Conscience – Students
LWTech is committed to ensuring that students with faith- or conscience-based beliefs have equal opportunity to access and benefit from the College’s educational offerings and services. To this end and in compliance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Washington’s Law Against Discrimination, LWTech has adopted procedures for reasonably accommodating and allowing for absences and accommodations based upon the faith or conscience-based beliefs, observances, and practices of its students.
Procedure: Accommodations for Reasons of Faith or Conscience
LWTech students are entitled to reasonable accommodations for reasons of faith or conscience. Students, regardless of their faith-or conscience-based beliefs, have an equal opportunity to access and benefit from curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular offerings and activities.
When college policy conflicts with student faith- and conscience-based beliefs and practices, the College will work with students to identify and implement reasonable accommodations.
To receive an accommodation, a student must fill out and submit a request for accommodation form to the Vice President of Student Services (VPSS) or designee at least two-weeks prior to the desired start of the curricular, co-curricular, or extracurricular offering or as soon the student becomes aware of a conflict with College policy. All requests for accommodation must be submitted in writing and contain a concise explanation of how the requested accommodation is related to the student’s faith- or conscience-based belief. The request form can be completed online.
• Upon receiving a request for accommodation form, the VPSS or designee will work with instruction and the student to identify a reasonable accommodation. Accommodations granted under this policy must be approved by the Office of the Vice President of Student Services or designee in advance of implementation.
• The VPSS or designee may deny a request for accommodation if the proposed accommodation would (a) pose a legitimate threat to health, safety or well-being of members of the college community, (b) fundamentally change the nature of the course

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