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2017 – 2018 LWTech Student Handbook
Final Decision/Reconsideration. Either the complainant or the respondent may seek reconsideration of the decision by the Title IX / EEO Coordinator. Requests for reconsideration shall be submitted in writing to the Title IX / EEO Coordinator within seven days of receiving the decision. Requests must specify which portion of the decision should be reconsidered and the basis for reconsideration. If no request for reconsideration is received within seven days, the decision becomes final. If a request for reconsideration is received, the Title IX / EEO Coordinator shall respond within ten (10) business days. The Title IX / EEO Coordinator shall either deny the request or, if the Title IX / EEO Coordinator determines that the request for reconsideration has merit, issue an amended decision. Any amended decision is final and no further reconsideration is available.
Publication of Anti- Discrimination Policies and Procedures
The policies and procedures regarding complaints of discrimination and harassment shall be published and distributed as determined by the president or designee. Any person who believes he, she or they has/have been subjected to discrimination in violation of college policy will be provided a copy of these policies and procedures.
Limits to Authority
Nothing in this procedure shall prevent the president or designee from taking immediate disciplinary action in accordance with LWTech policies and procedures, and federal, state, and municipal rules and regulations.
Non-Retaliation, Intimidation and Coercion
Retaliation by, for or against any participant (including complainant, respondent, witness, Title IX / EEO Coordinator, or investigator) is expressly prohibited. Retaliatory action of any kind taken against individuals as a result of seeking redress under the applicable procedures or serving as a witness in a subsequent investigation or any resulting disciplinary proceedings is prohibited and is conduct subject to discipline. Any person who thinks he/she/they has/have been the victim of retaliation should contact the Title IX / EEO Coordinator immediately.
Criminal Complaints
Discriminatory or harassing conduct may also be, or occur in conjunction with, criminal conduct. Criminal complaints may be filed with the appropriate law enforcement authorities.
The College will proceed with an investigation of harassment and discrimination complaints regardless of whether the underlying conduct is subject to civil or criminal prosecution.
Other Discrimination Complaint Options
Discrimination complaints may also be filed with the following federal and state agencies: • Washington State Human Rights Commission,
• US Dept of Education Office for Civil Rights, LWTech Law Enforcement Relationships and Jurisdiction
Under the direction of the Manager, Campus Public Safety, full time college staff, contracted security and police officers uphold applicable local, state, and federal laws and college policies and procedures on the Lake Washington Institute of Technology campus. Campus Public Safety services include crime report investigations, medical emergency response, fire emergency response, personal safety escorts, traffic control and accidents, parking enforcement, and college policies including alcohol and drug use and abuse and weapons violations.
If assistance is required of local Police agencies, LWTech Campus Public Safety will make that contact. If a sexual assault or rape should occur, staff on scene, including Campus Public Safety and local Police, will offer a wide variety of services to assist the

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