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2017 – 2018 LWTech Student Handbook
Welcome to LWTech!
I am excited to see so many new and returning faces! I am Amanda Pelly, your 2017-2018 Associated Student Government President. I have been attending LWTech since 2014 and am currently on my second year of BTAD. We are part of an exceptional student body known for our technical skills, hard work, dedication and creativity; I expect to see many great achievements from us this year. I can tell you from my experience LWTech is where you will find success. You are not alone on this journey. The whole LWTech staff is cheering for you and genuinely cares about providing you support. That said; please remember to seek help whenever you need it. Most people achieve their greatest success one-step beyond what looked like their greatest failure. The greatest piece of knowledge I’ve gained here in my time at LWTech is: you belong here, for as long as it takes.
~Amanda Pelly, Associated Student Government President
Getting Started and Making Transitions
Many services are available to get you started at LWTech and be a successful student. Use these services to start at LWTech and make a smooth transition to college life. We recommend you confirm your college account user name and your mailing address, and review your insurance options and access your student email account. If you are a high school student or international student you are supported through specific offices: High School Programs and International Student Services.
After completing those tasks, explore ways to get involved on campus through Associated Student Government and Student Programs. Learn how to manage your classes and pay tuition. Discover what support services and resources LWTech provides to help you succeed! Finally, make sure you know LWTech’s academic and enrollment policies and your rights as a student.
All these services are for you, ensuring you will be a successful LWTech student. Take advantage of them!
Admissions and Registration West Building, W201
(425) 739-8104
Apply for Admission (425) 739-8381
All students must apply for admission to the college. Depending on your program of study, there may be special admission requirements or procedures like test, prerequisite courses, or application materials. Working with our Admission Coach will leave you with a personalized admissions guide based on your needs, including applying for financial aid and a guide campus services and amenities! If you have any questions about being admitted talk with an Admission Coach.
Prior Learning Assessment
Prior learning is knowledge and skills gained through: work and life experience, military training and experience, formal and informal education, and training from in- and out-of-state institutions, including foreign institutions. Identifying credit for prior learning can be accomplished by an assessment process (PLA), conducted by qualified faculty. That may result in one or several courses being posted on your transcript. Up to 25% of the total credits required for a degree or certificate may be earned through the PLA process. LWTech awarding PLA credits does not guarantee or imply that other institutions will accept those credits. If credit is awarded you are responsible for paying the transcription charge.
College Account User Name
Generally, the college requires you to use your legal name for enrollment purposes, college email and CANVAS accounts. In some circumstances, this may impose a hardship. If you want to use an alternate name, please follow these steps:

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