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Prior learning is knowledge and skills gained through: work and life experience, military training and experience, formal and informal education, and training from in- and out-of-state institutions, including foreign institutions. Identifying credit for prior learning can be accomplished by an assessment process (PLA), conducted by qualified faculty that may result in one or several courses being posted on your transcript. Up to 25% of the total credits required for a degree or certificate may be earned through the PLA process. LWTech awarding PLA credits does not guarantee or imply that other institutions will accept those credits. If credit is awarded, you are responsible for paying the transcription charge.
College Account Username
Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) recognizes that usage of primary names, whenever possible, is key to creating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for all students. A primary name, sometimes referred to as preferred name, is a first name that students can designate to be used instead of a legal first name. You may use either a preferred or primary name. Currently, you may request the college update your LWTech email address and Canvas display name to reflect a preferred name. It is important to note that making these changes to the college assigned email address and Canvas display name is not the same as a legal name change through a court system. When you update your primary name at LWTech, this change is reflected on all classroom rosters used by instructors. You can update your primary name online using LionsLink. To change your LWTech email address to your primary name, please contact the Vice President of Student Services with your request.
Student Address Change
West Building, W201 (425) 739-8104
To receive information from the school through the mail please ensure your current mailing address is updated in LioinsLink. Human Resources also requires an address change for student employment purposes. You may update any of your contact information using LionsLink.
Accident & Health Insurance
West Building, W207
(425) 739-8100
Accident and health insurance may be available at a nominal cost through a plan designed for Washington State community and technical college students. The insurance covers time when you are enrolled in courses during the quarter. We recommended you obtain accident coverage, when other insurance is not available. Information about available plans can be found at the Campus Life Wellness Resources webpage. available online. Due to the cost of tool sets, we also recommend you ensure your program required tools and equipment.

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