Campus Activities

Campus activities add to LWTech's student life by developing thought provoking, educational, and community building events. Throughout the quarter, several events are created for students to enjoy and participate. Student Programs, with the help of our activities specialists, build activities for their peers.

Whether honoring cultural traditions, celebrating milestones, socializing through fun events, or building skills through our workshops there is something for everyone. We encourage all students to take advantage of campus activities.

Activity Sponsors

Many campus departments sponsor activities. Look for these opportunities when they present themselves. You'll notice flyers and electronic announcements throughout campus. So, there is a variety of options available for our diverse student body.

  • Student Programs
  • Student clubs
  • Financial Aid
  • Workforce Development
  • Admissions
  • Advising

Kinds of Activities

LWTech engages our students in a variety of ways. We work to create different types of activities to match our students' various needs. If you don't see an activity you would enjoy or learn from, let Student Programs know! Throughout the year, you'll notice these kinds of events:

  • Cultural celebrations
  • Career workshops
  • Job fairs
  • Club activities
  • Speakers
  • Musical events
  • College transfer fairs
  • Skill building workshops
  • Social events

Get Involved

Getting involved in the college experience is what we hope for all students. We know when students get involved, they are more connected to their experience and tend to do well with their classes. Here are some ways students can get involved - student life is about taking classes and maybe a little bit more.


Keep informed of upcoming activities by visiting the college's event calendar.