Marketing Support Services

The Campus Life Marketing Team provides marketing support to Student Programs, Student Clubs, various campus departments, and manages all posting on campus.

Graphic Design and Printing Services

Services include designing and printing, and are provided to:

  • Student clubs: graphic design and printing (free of charge)
  • Campus departments: graphic design and printing (at cost, based on availability of student marketing team)

To request graphic design and/or printing services, email Student Programs.  

Posting On Campus

Most bulletin boards and wall spaces on campus are maintained by Campus Life. Some departments and offices have dedicated bulletin boards in their spaces that are maintained by them.

There are designated spaces for:

  • Campus events and activities
  • Campus information
  • Community events and services
  • Items for sale/rent

Posting Policy

All posters must be approved and hung up by the Campus Life Posting Agent. Any posters hung up without approval will be removed. Limits on the number of posters that can be hung up are based on the number of available spaces on campus. We enforce this policy in order to ensure that all advertisements are evenly marketed and up-to-date.

Posters must have:

  • Date (if for on-going campus service, must have date poster was last updated)
  • Contact information or sponsorship information (phone number or email)
  • All LWTech posters must include TDD contact info (TDD: Call 711 for WA State Relay)
  • English translation of text (if not written in English)

Posters cannot have:

  • Advertising of alcohol, weapons and tobacco products
  • Hate speech
  • Campus services (on-going, non-dated): 14
  • Other campus advertisements (for events, courses, etc., dated): 17 
  • Non-LWTech posters (for sale, jobs, community events, etc.): 3
  1. Bring posters to Student Programs Front Desk (E128)
  2. Staff will review poster to ensure they adhere to guidelines and approve them for posting or identify corrections to be made.
  3. Posters will be hung up by the student Posting Agent within 3 days of being received.
  4. If posters are dated, they will be removed after the date of event/application closes. Classified postings will be kept up for duration of current quarter. Events are advertised for 2 weeks only. If poster is received earlier than 2 weeks before event, posters will be hung up at 2 weeks.