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SI Fall Quarter 2020

SI Zoom Session Schedule

Please note that for security and privacy, zoom sessions are password protected.  email the student facilitator or the SI Coordinator from your student email account to get the password for the zoom session you wish to attend. 

Name Courses Supported Schedule Zoom Link
William Judge CSD TBA (check back October 5th)  
Kylie Dillon Math 152 TBA (check back October 5th)  
Alex Gale Math 151 TBA (check back October 5th)  
Tim Nguyen Math 087/098/099x TBA (check back October 5th)  
Angela Lee Math 141/142/151 TBA (check back October 5th)  
Hai-Au Bui Math 141/142/151 TBA (check back October 5th)  
Robert Roberts CSD TBA (check back October 5th)  

SI Supported Classes for Fall 2020

For each of the following courses, a student facilitator will be leading study sessions using the conferencing tool on Canvas. Schedules will be set for each course based on student preferences and schedule availability. Facilitators are also available to answer questions posted on the discussion boards for the classes.  If your course is listed here, facilitators will have scheduled zoom meetings dedicated to supporting your class alone.  If your class is not listed here, check the SI Math Canvas page for open zoom sessions (excluding Statistics, which is not covered in SI).  

  • Math 098 - Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 99x - Accelerated Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 141 - Pre-Calculus I
  • Math 142 - Pre-Calculus II
  • Math 151 - Calculus I
  • Math 152 - Calculus II
  • Bio 241 - Anatomy & Physiology

The following courses are supported through open Zoom sessions and our Canvas shells for math and CSD

  • Math 087 - Quantitative Literacy
  • Math 098 - Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 099 - 
  • CSD 111 - Computer Programming Fundamentals
  • CSD 112 - HTML/CSS
  • CS 141 - Computer Science I
  • CS 143 - Computer Science II

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