LWTech Holds Redmond Campus Open House for Students and Local Business


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Afternoon event boasts tours, free massages and free wine seminars

Redmond, WA – The Lake Washington Institute of Technology will hold an open house at the Redmond Campus on Aug. 13 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. to introduce students to Redmond Campus classes and local business to Redmond Campus partnership possibilities.

“Our campus is a great resource for students and the community,” said Christian Bruhn, LWTech’s Redmond Campus director. “It’s a beautiful, spacious facility with free parking and well-equipped classrooms.”

For students looking for practical and promising options, LWTech’s Redmond Campus is home to several certificate and Associates Degree programs including Accounting and Human Resources, two fast-growing fields. “Of the 50 most common majors, Accounting majors earn the highest average salary,” said Bruhn, sourcing a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report.

LWTech’s Redmond Campus is also uniquely positioned as a local, full-service training center. “Business leaders and human resource managers can book the location, the labs and the instructor,” said Bruhn. Few locations on the eastside provide these services under one roof.

Visitors to the late afternoon open house can tour the campus, learn about the new Transportation and Logistics Bachelor’s Degree program, receive a free massage and enjoy a free wine seminar. “These are classes we teach, why not show them off!” said Bruhn.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology is a broad-based, publicly funded workforce education college with more than 44 programs of study ranging from Funeral Services to Multimedia Production to Human Resources. Students earn certificates in as few as two quarters or a Bachelor’s Degree in 12 quarters.

“Community and technical colleges are quickly becoming the next big thing for education,” said Dr. Amy Morrison-Goings, president of LWTech. “Classes and programs are rigorous, skills-based and a great value for the educational dollar. Our students get jobs and employers are thrilled with their work and work ethic.”

The Redmond Campus Open House is Aug. 13 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at 6505 176th Avenue NE, Redmond. For more information, call 425.739.8321 or contact Christian Bruhn by email at christian.bruhn@lwtech.edu

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Redmond Open House: www.lwtech.edu/about_lwtech/redmond_campus/redmond_open_house.html

Redmond Campus directions: www.lwtech.edu/about_lwtech/redmond_campus.html

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