Lake Washington Institute of Technology Introduces New Summer Programs


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Kirkland, Wash. โ€“ This summer, Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech) is offering several new programs to help students get a jump-start on their education. For the first time, the college is offering a variety of robust summer programs designed for high school students and adults.

There are two programs offered this summer that are specifically designed for high school students: Summer Surge and STEM Camp.

Summer Surge provides eligible high school students the opportunity to earn college credits. Students can take classes such as chemistry and English and receive dual credit towards their high school diploma and college credit.

LWTech also offers a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Summer Camp. STEM Camp will provide high school students the opportunity to study the latest advancement in STEM. Students will earn elective college credits in a series of weeklong workshops. *Special application, age and other requirements apply. Call (425) 739-8107 or (425) 739-8311.

There are also new programs for adults and high school students: Gaming, Intensive Academics and Jump Start.

Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries. LWTech is proud to offer two gaming-focused workshops: Game in a Month, and 3D Portrait Modeling. Workshops are available in an intensive month-long format or students can spread classes out over the summer.

If completing required academic classes is needed before Fall quarter begins at LWTech or other colleges, students can enroll in an intensive four-week program where they can earn general education requirements in English, Math, Psychology or Sociology.

LWTech is offering a jump-start program to help students get prepared for classes. Jump Start provides students with access to finish basic math, English or college success courses in ten days. Completing these courses will allow students to enroll in the courses that count toward their degree or transfer once fall quarter begins.

For more information visit or call (425) 739-8100 or visit our website at

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