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For latest updates from LWTech visit the LWTech Coronavirus Information and Resources page.

For Students, Faculty and Staff Coming to Campus

LWTech is following Governor Jay Inslee's updated the requirements for higher education. On Friday August 27, 2021 Governor Jay Inslee updated the requirements for higher education. The most relevant proclamations are Proclamation 12.5 and Proclamation 12-14.1 

Based on this proclamation, LWTech, like all other public colleges in King County, will be following face covering guidelines and tracking the vaccination status of all enrolled students who come to the LWTech campus.

Student Vaccine Attestation

If you plan to come to campus for any reason (attending classes or accessing other services), you must attest to your vaccination status. When you go to your LionsLink attestation tile you have the options of:

  • Attesting to the type and dates of the COVID-19 vaccine you have received OR
  • Attesting that you have a medical exemption OR
  • Attesting that you have a religious exemption

View Vaccine Attestation Process Guide in Full Screen 

Step 1 (Student View)

On the LionsLink Portal (, click on ‘ctcLink Login’.

Step 2 

Enter your ‘ctcLink ID’ number, and click on the ‘Next’ button. Then enter your ‘Password’ and click on the ‘Verify’ button.  

Tip: If you forgot your password, click on ‘Password Help’ to reset it. Additional directions can be found in the Reset Your LionsLink Account Password tutorial. 

Step 3 

Use the left side ‘Navigation Bar’ and click ‘Full Site’. This will take you directly to the ‘Classic View’.

Step 4 

On your Student Homepage, click the ‘Immunization Attestation’ tile.

Tip: Your Homepage is customizable. Your tiles might be arranged differently.

Step 5

Select an immunization from the drop-down menu.

On the ‘Date Taken field’, enter the date taken. It cannot be a future date.

Select the ‘Plus’ (+)  icon to add additional doses.

Step 6

Answer the ‘Self-Attestation’ and ‘Disciplinary Action’ statements by clicking the slider to display ‘Yes, I agree’.

Click the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 7

A confirmation message will appear. 

The process is complete.

If you attend more than one college, you will need to complete this process for each college.

If there is an issue with your attestation, you will be notified by the college.

We recommend using the Firefox or Chrome browsers to complete the vaccine attestation process. For more browser troubleshoot, visit our Information Technology Services Guides page.

If you attest to a medical exemption, a college employee will send you a form that must be filled out by your healthcare provider. Please return the form promptly so it can be reviewed as part of your exemption request. Approval or denial will be communicated in writing to your student email address. You may download the form in advance:

If you attest a sincerely held religious belief has led to your exemption, a college employee will send you a set of standard questions that you must answer. Please return your answers promptly so it can be reviewed as part of your exemption request. Approval or denial will be communicated in writing to your student email address. You may download the questions in advance:

Dental Hygiene Employees and Students

If you are a student employee at the college or a student in the dental hygiene program, you may be required take additional steps. Please contact your supervisor and/or faculty for more information.

Attestations At Other Colleges

If you previously attested to your vaccine status at another college, please email and request to have your attestation records reviewed from your prior college.

Employee Vaccine Attestation

Employees need to provide proof of your vaccination status before you come to campus. You do not need to repeat this process if you have done this already.

Please contact Human Resources to provide proof of your vaccination.

If you have previously received an exemption please refer to your exemption approval letter for specific masking requirements and in the next section below.

Medical and Religious Exemptions for Employees

Please contact Human Resources to begin the process.

Keep in mind that medical/religious exemptions and accommodations are two separate things. If an exemption is approved, you will engage in an interactive process with Human Resources and your Supervisor about whether an effective reasonable accommodation exists to allow you to perform the essential functions of your job. 

Face Covering/Mask Guidelines

Do MORE: Masks Optional. Respectect Expected. LWTech (logo) and silhouette of several people with masks and no masks.

Unvaccinated Students

  • Masks are REQUIRED for unvaccinated students.
  • All students who have gone through the attestation exemption process must wear a mask on campus.
  • If there is direct evidence of an unvaccinated student violating the conduct code, folks can submit a Student Conduct Violation Form.

Unvaccinated Employees

  • Masks are REQUIRED for unvaccinated employees when on campus.
  • Employees who are unvaccinated, and have received an exemption, will NOT be on campus during regular business hours, and will be required to wear masks during their working hours.
  • This is the same as Fall and Winter quarters.

Vaccinated Employees and Students

  • Masks are NOT REQUIRED for vaccinated employees and students.
  • Faculty will not be able to require masks in their classrooms, just as employees will not be able to require guests to wear masks in their office.
  • We encourage folks to be sensitive to their colleagues and students.
  • Masking will be up to each individual’s choice. Show each other respect and patience as folks have different reasons and needs regarding masks. Please be kind and compassionate with your colleagues and your fellow students.

Policy Updates

These requirements are subject to change based on federal, state, or municipal requirements; directive by the department of public health; or college policy.

Additional Campus Information

Foundation (Scholarships)

Open normal operations hours.


Monday-Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The office will be closed on Fridays for LionsLink work.

Student Services

Advising, Assessment, Counseling, Disability Services, Financial Aid, Enrollment Services, TRIO, Veteran’s Services, High School Programs, and WorkForce Development are open and available on campus on Monday through Thursday.  All of these offices are also scheduling online appointments over Zoom Monday through Thursday.

Be sure to check out our website for specific department office hours.

All of us at LWTech are here to support you. Be sure to reach out to your advisor, faculty, or a member of our staff if you need assistance during the quarter.

As in previous quarters, the college has technology available for students to borrow, including basic tablets with internet access, laptops, and webcams. To learn more, visit the Fall Classes webpage where you can submit your technology request.

We also have tutoring available to you in the Learning Lab, which is now located in the Library in room T217. 

Our library and bookstore, the Stopwatch Espresso stand, and our student-run Bakery and Chef City Grill will all be open in Spring quarter.