Returning to Campus for Students, Faculty, and Staff Winter Quarter

Governor Jay Inslee’s “Safe Start-Stay Healthy” order Phase 2 of the Higher Education and Critical Infrastructure Workforce Training Restart COVID-19 Requirements allows for in-person labs for essential programs. Additional information will be posted here as it becomes available. 

Classes will look different than previous quarters, and we want to help you adjust to some changes. The information below applies to all people coming to campus, including students and staff.

Three Steps to Take Before You Come to Campus

Students and employees who are coming to campus to attend classes and/or participate in work-related activities, follow the steps below. 

Step 1

Review Checklist and Campus Procedures On This Page

Once you are done with step 1, you will see a link to step 2 training module.

Step 2

Take Mandatory COVID-19 Safety Training

Once you are done with step 2, you will see a link to step 3 training verification.

Step 3

Complete Training Verification Form

Once you are done with training in Step 2, you will be asked to fill out a training verification form.

Step 1 Go to Step 1 >