COVID-19 Checklist and Procedures

Step 1 Review Checklist and Campus Procedures

Checklist Before Coming to Campus

  1. Before you come to campus the first time, you must take this one-time, short, online training and confirm on this website that you completed the training. The training will take approximately 5-10 minutes, not counting the links provided for additional information to those interested in learning more.
  2. Every day before you come to campus, ask yourself if you have any of these symptoms. Since your last day of work/class, or since your last visit to the college facility, have you experienced any of the following symptoms:
    • A new fever (100.4 F or higher) or a sense of having a fever?  
    • A new cough that you cannot attribute to another health condition?  
    • New shortness of breath that you cannot attribute to another health condition?  
    • A new sore throat that you cannot attribute to another health condition?  
    • New muscle aches that you cannot attribute to another health condition or that may have been caused by a specific activity, such as physical exercise?  
    • New respiratory symptoms, such as sore throat, runny nose/nasal congestion or sneezing, that you cannot attribute to another health condition?  
    • New chills or repeated shaking with chills that you cannot attribute to another health condition?
    • New loss of taste or smell that you cannot attribute to another health condition? 

What to Expect When You Come to Campus

  1. Wear a face covering when on campus. If you do not have one, one will be provided at the entrance door. 
    Note: Masks with valves are no allowed, as they protect you but not others around you.
  2. Bring your LWTech ID card. If you do not have an LWTech ID card, you will be asked to provide name, email, and cell phone number; you will be asked to get your LWTech ID card by going to Enrollment Services.
  3. Come to campus at least 30 minutes early so you are not late for class after waiting in line. 

Building Access Points

Enter campus through one of three monitored entrances closest to your final destination. All other exterior doors will be locked.

Daily Procedure

  1. Health check. You will be greeted by an LWTech employee who will ask you the same health questions you asked yourself, and take your temperature. If you have a fever of 100.4F or higher, or have any of the symptoms, you will not be able to attend class or work and will be asked to leave the campus.
  2. Scan your ID card. If you don’t have a card, your name, email, and cell number will be entered into the database. (If you don’t have an Student or Employee ID card, you will be directed to get an ID card at the Enrollment Services Desk.) 

If you need to exit the building for a break, you will need to re-enter the building through one of these three doors and be checked in again with a health screening, thermometer check, and ID scan. A map will be available before the quarter starts to help you navigate accessible entrances and pathways through campus.

On-Campus Activities

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) specific to your curriculum will be in the classroom. It must be worn at all times in the classroom. If you want to wear your own PPE while in class, you may only if it is a higher level of protection than provided by the college.
    • Note: Masks with valves are no allowed, as they protect you but not others around you. 
    • If you refuse to wear the PPE, you will be dismissed from class by your faculty member and Campus Public Safety. A report will be filed against you for being out of compliance with college policy. 
  • Cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer will be in each classroom.
  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Stay 6 feet apart if at all possible.
  • Faculty may take students’ temperature mid-way through class. If anyone has a temperature of 100.4F or higher they must leave campus and stay home until their symptoms subside.
  • All computer labs, library, tutoring, bookstore, Fitness Center, etc. will be closed for in-person use. 
  • The bookstore is offering drive through pickup.
  • Employees do not have to wear face coverings while at their desk and when no one is present, and they have 6 feet of physical distancing.
  • If an employee is on campus, outside of their work area, they are required to wear a face covering. 
  • Advising, Assessment, Financial Aid, Enrollment Services, Workforce Development, and High School programs will be available by appointment only for issues that cannot be handled via email. 
  • Avanti and new vending machines will be open.
  • Stopwatch Espresso latte stand will be closed.
  • The Culinary program will sell grab-and-go food, Tuesday through Thursday, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., starting the 2nd week of the quarter. These days/times may alter depending on customer demand.
  • Lingering in halls will not be permitted. Students must eat outside or in their car.
  • If you are eating, you can take your face covering off and put it on a clean paper towel, with the outside of the face covering face-down. 
  • All restrooms in the East and Allied Health buildings will be open. Some restrooms in the West and Tech buildings will be open. 
  • Student lockers will be available on the 2nd floor East Building and the 1st floor East Building near the Veterans Center, in addition to lockers in classrooms. 

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