25Live Room Reservation


LWTech's 25Live Room Reservation system is a quick and easy way to check availability and reserve space on campus and to publish campus events to the website calendar.

Attention Instructors

Classrooms for scheduled classes must be reserved through your program’s Administrator. You’re welcome to book the space for class meetings, tests, extra lab time and events.

General Purpose Computer Labs

A number of computer labs have specialized software and assigned to specific programs. However, some computer labs can be used for general purpose and can be reserved by any department:

  • A209, T319, T320, T410, W108A, W113, W403 (full compter labs)
  • W109, W111, W115 (classroom/computer lab, computers located by the walls).

Basic 25Live Room Reservation Information

Reservation Confirmation

The space is not reserved until you receive an email confirmation from the administrator of the space, for the exception of conference rooms. Conference rooms don’t require administrator’s approval and are booked on first come—first served basis.

Cancel/Edit Event

If you need to edit or cancel your event, please contact the Administrator for the room you’re reserving, or the Instruction support administrator at x8173.

Space Reservation Administrators/Approvers

Note: you don’t need to contact the room administrator to receive the confirmation. Your room request goes to an approver immediately after you save your event.

Administrator/Approver Space/Resource
Instruction Support Most Classrooms and Computer Labs
Office of Student life E180 East Mall spaces, E128E
EASL E209 
Instruction Support  W302E, W305A, W305B
Robert Hupman W401 
April Ake W204
Library Laptop Carts
Culinary  E144 
High School E210, E211
President's Office A100E
IT Support IT Resources
Custodial Support Custodial Resources
Facilities Fleet Vehicles
ASG/Marketing (Sheila Walton, Alisa Shtromberg) Website Calendar

Room Keys

The classroom key for scheduled classes need to be arranged through your program Administrator. The key for events are acquired from Security office. Please call Campus Safety x8224 10-15 minutes prior to your event.