Adding an Event to the Website Calendar

  1. Create an event by following the Reserving a Room in 25Live Instructions.
  2. Follow the Event Wizard for instructions. Note the fields in the Event Wizard for publishing to the calendar. Enter the following:
    1. Event Name – event name as it appears in the 25Live system
    2. Event Title for WEBSITE Calendars – event name as it will appear on the website calendar. 
      Screenshot of entering the event name in 25Live
    3. Select Expected Attendance to have at least 1, otherwise the event may not publish to the website calendar.
    4. Enter an Event Description in the following format (shown in Figure 2):
      1. Short URL, if it exists and link the short URL (example:
        Be sure to NOT include the prefix http:// and www.
        If you need a short URL, please contact or
      2. Short description of your event. Keep it to one or two paragraphs.
      3. Phrase or sentence linking to a relevant page. This could be the same as your Short URL from step (i) or it may be a different page on the website.
        Screenshot of the Event Description field
    5. Optional: You may attach a file to your event for users to download. However, it is not recommended you use this option instead of the description, but as a supplement. Be sure to always include the description (previous step). This will assure that the event is accessibility compliant.
      Screenshot of attaching files view
  3. Check the box in Publish to Calendar section.
    Screenshot of the checkbox option to request to publish to the website calendar
  4. Click Save to submit your event.
    1. All events must be approved by the calendar approver and be in the confirmed state in order for the event to be published to the website calendar.
    2. It may take up to 30 minutes for the confirmed event to publish to the website once approved. If you do not see it after that, please contact or