Reserving a Laptop Cart

  1. Go to the LWTech homepage, hover over Faculty & Staff, then click Room Request.
    Screenshot of LWTech's homepage with the menu dropdown to the Room Request link
  2. Log into 25Live with your LWTech user name and password (same as the login for LWTech email).
    Screenshot of the login page

  3. Click Locations button.
    25Live locations button screenshot
  4. Select Laptop Carts from Your Starred Locations dropdown menu.
    25 live screenshot of laptop carts drowdown
  5. Choose the date that youโ€™d like to reserve the cart.
    25 live screenshot of choosing a date of reservation
  6. Click the Reserve It button for the cart you want to reserve. Your reservation request will then be forwarded to the Library who will approve it.
    25 live screenshot of reserve it button for the laptop cart
  7. Fill out the Event Wizard and then click Save.
    25 live screenshot of the save button

Congratulations! You reserved a laptop cart in 25Live!