Fleet Vehicle Reservations

The college has two fleet 12-passenger vans available to employees and students for state business travel.

Fleet Vehicle License Plate Capacity
2017 Ford Transit Van Fleet-08741M 12
2017 Ford Transit Van Fleet-08701M 12 

Vehicle Reservation Instructions

Feet reservations are approved on a first-come, first-served basis. All drivers are asked to wipe down all touch points in the vehicle using the disinfecting wipes provided prior to returning vehicle keys.

To reserve any one of the college fleet vehicles you will need to:

  1. Make sure you and/or the driver of the vehicle for the event/meeting filled out the DES Driver Information form (form below). Approval should be complete 24-48 hours prior to use of fleet vehicle.
  2. Make a reservation through the LWTech 25Live system
  3. Once the reservation is confirmed an email confirmation will be sent to your email address.

Request a Fleet Vehicle in 25Live

Contact Heidi Davis at (425) 739- 8218 or Heidi.Davis@lwtech.edu if you have any questions or concerns about reserving a fleet vehicle.