Academic Advising

Academic advising is a critical component to your college experience. Advising is an interactive process between you and your Student Success Navigator/Advisor to ensure student success through proactive support and guidance during your time at LWTech. 

Winter 2021 Registration

Winter quarter starts on January 11, 2021 and ends on March 17, 2021.  As of January 11, 2021, all registration requires instructor permission. Students who obtain instructor permission may email from their student email address and include their name, the class they need assistance registering for (ex: ENGL&101 item 1234), and the isntructor permission.

Frequently asked about information:

Advisors and Student Success Navigators 

LWTech uses the terms Student Success Navigator and Advisor interchangeably. New students see Student Success Navigators/Advisors for help in choosing their first quarter classes and for support throughout their time at LWTech. All NEW students are REQUIRED to meet with an advisor prior to registering for their first quarter. 

Who is my advisor?

 Students are assigned an advisor by their program of study.

Once you have begun your program, see your Faculty advisor for help choosing technical classes for future quarters. Your Faculty advisor is most often an instructor in your program. To find your Faculty Advisor contact information, visit your program of study webpage.

Meeting With an Advisor

Prior to meeting with an advisor, students must have completed the following:

  1. Applied for admission
  2. Student ID number
  3. English and Math placement in order to register for classes. Placement options include:
    • Completion of the LWTech Placement Assessment
    • Unofficial or official college transcripts from another institution
    • Unofficial or official high school transcripts from the past two years
    • Unofficial or official test scores such as SAT, ACT, AP scores
    • Placement test scores from another WA community or technical college

Students with prior college credits, AP scores, CLEP, miliary transcripts, etc that they would like to transfer in to LWTech towards their program are encouraged to:

  • Send Official Transcripts at least 3 weeks in advance for evaluation.
  • Unofficial transcripts may be utilized for placement purposes only.

Virtual Drop-in Advising

Drop-in advising is the fastest way to connect to an advisor for any urgent questions or concerns. Current students and prospective students (who have applied for admission) will have the opportunity to speak with an Advisor without an appointment during virtual drop-in hours held on Zoom. Drop-in hours are designed for questions that can be addressed in 15 minutes or less. Drop-in advising is the fastest way to connect to an advisor for any urgent questions or concerns. Drop-in advising is offered through Zoom while LWTech is in remote operations due to COVID-19.

Virtual Drop-In Hours 

Planning and Registration Resources

  • College Catalog: Review your program of study in the College Catalog. The catalog details the required courses, which will show whether the sequence is recommended (flexible) or required. The courses listed in the catalog are expandable and will show you the pre-requisites that must be complete prior to taking the course. If you are confused by the program requirements, connect with your faculty advisor or the Advising Office for assistance.
  • Degree Audit: You can run a Degree Audit to see which courses you have completed towards your program of study and which ones you still have left.  This is a helpful tool to determine how much progress you've made towards completion and to plan for what you should take in the future.
  • Class Schedule: The Class Schedule will show you all classes that are offered any given quarter. This tool is useful to see all options, however, it does not tell you which classes are full and which ones are still available. 
  • Schedule Planner: The Schedule Planner will show you only the available course options. If a class is full or cancelled, it will not appear. This tool also shows how many remaining spots are available in the class. This tool is useful for planning and registration purposes. 
  • If you have trouble registering on your own, you can email from your student email address with the classes you are trying to register for. Include the class name, item number, and quarter you are registering for (ex: ENGL&101, item #: 1234, Winter 2021).
  • Entry Codes: Entry codes are typically needed when the system does not see the pre-requisite on file. If you need an entry code, please email from your student email address and inform us which class you are trying to register for (ENGL&101, Item# 1234, Winter 2021) and tell us how you meet the pre-requisite. If you have not submitted transcripts or placement scores from another college and are using those to prove you meet a pre-requisite, please attach those documents to your email for faster service.

Virtual Advising Appointments

There are very limited appointments available prior to Winter quarter start due to the high volume of students contacting us. We encourage you to utilize drop-in advising for faster service.

Typical appointments are for 30-60 minute sessions.  Advisors can meet with you to discuss:

  • Math and English placement 
  • Unofficial transcript review 
  • Educational planning
  • Registering for your first quarter of classes
  • Planning for transfer
  • And more!

To make an appointment, please email from your student email address. Include your name, program of study, placement information, phone number, and availability.

Students Pursuing Nursing Pre-Requisites

Students pursuing pre-requisites for Nursing are required to review the Nursing Advising webpage. This includes students who have declared the following majors: Nursing, Health Sciences AAS-T, and Pre-Nursing DTA/MRP.

Starting September 1, 2020, the Advising Office will no longer offer individual appointments to students enrolled in the Pre-Nursing DTA, Health Sciences AAS-T, or who are pursuing pre-requisites for the Nursing. Instead, students enrolled in these programs must review the Nursing Advising webpage, which provides advising options, including Virtual Group Advising and Information Sessions. 

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