Here you will find common online downloadable Enrollment Services Forms. You can also complete some of these forms online via your LionsLink account or stop by the Enrollment Services Office, West Building, W201.

Access/Download Enrollment Forms

Online General Admissions Application

Enroll at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

Enroll Online

General Admission Online/PDF Application

A paper application option is avaiable at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Submit the completed form to the Enrollment Services, West Building, W201.

General Admissions Application (PDF)

Online Add/Drop Class Registration via LionsLink

You can register, add, and drop courses online via LionsLink Powered by ctcLink. 

Add/Drop Courses Online

Add/Drop Courses Form (PDF)

How to Add/Drop Classes Online

View Enroll (Register) for Classes Guide in Full Screen

Please Note

This How-To Guide is for students not enrolled in High School programs.

Lake Washington Technical Academy and Running Start Students: you must register with the assistance of an Advisor. Please add your chosen classes to your Shopping Cart, and then contact your LWTA or RS Advisor for assistance.

Step 1 (Student View

On the LionsLink Portal (, click on β€˜ctcLink Login’.

Tip: You must be logged in to your LionsLink account in order to add classes to your shopping cart and enroll. You can use the β€˜Class Search’ tile if you are just browsing classes. 

Step 2 

Enter your β€˜ctcLink ID’ number and β€˜Password’. Then click on the β€˜Sign in’ button. 

If you forgot your password, click on β€˜Password Help’ to reset it. Additional directions can be found in the Reset Your LionsLink Account Password tutorial. 

Step 3

On the left side navigation bar, select β€˜Class Information’. In the newly appeared dropdown, select β€˜Class Search’. 

Tip: Depending on the size of your screen, you may need to click on the β€˜hamburger’ menu icon on the left side of your screen to expand the menu options.

Step 4

From the first search criteria dropdown, select the β€˜Term (Quarter)’ for which you want to view classes for.

The term is required to search for classes. 

Tip: The page may display differently depending on the size of your screen. You may need to scroll to see all information. 

Step 5 

From the second search criteria dropdown, narrow down your search by selecting the β€˜Subject’ for which you want to view classes for.


  • Can’t find the class you want? Try searching under CCN as well as the regular subject name (Example: β€˜Accounting’ vs. β€˜Accounting (CCN)’).
  • CCNs are Common Course Numbered (CCN) courses and allow for easier transfer between colleges and are noted by an β€œ&” symbol after the department name.

Step 6 (optional)

Select additional filters to narrow your class search results. You may also select β€˜More Filters’ for additional search criteria. 

Step 7 (optional)

Check on the β€˜Show Open Classes Only’ box to see only classes that have space available. 

Tip: Do not check the β€˜Show Open Classes Only’ box if you want to add yourself to a waitlist.

Step 8

Once your filters are set, click on β€˜Search’. 

Step 9

Review the class options.


  • Pay special attention to the β€˜Section’ name. This provides information on the course format. 
    • LEC=Lecture
    • LAB=Laboratory/Studio
  • The β€˜Status’ shows how many spots are available. 
    • O=Open
    • W=Waitlist 
    • C=Closed 

Step 10

Expand the course(s) you want to learn more about by clicking the β€˜Caret’ button.

Depending on the size of your screen, it may appear as a β€˜View’ button.

Step 11A

Review all the class details.

Step 11B

Important class details include:

  • β€˜Meets’: Lists the days and times the class takes place. 
  • β€˜Room’: Where class is located on campus.
  • β€˜Instructor’: Who teaches the course.
  • β€˜Status’: How many spots are available.
  • β€˜Enrollment Requirements’: Also known as prerequisites. This is a course or other requirement that must be taken before enrolling. 
  • β€˜Class Notes’: Gives additional details about class meetings and other important information. 
  • β€˜Instruction Mode’: Course format (Example: In person, online, hybrid, etc.)

Step 12

When you are ready to register for a class, click on the β€˜3-dot menu’ on the right.

Click on β€˜Add to Cart’ to save it in your Shopping Cart while you search for additional classes. 

Important Tips for Lab/Studio Classes:

Some classes require you to enroll in two courses at the same time. For example, a β€˜Lecture’ and β€˜Laboratory’ class. If so, add both classes to your Shopping Cart by clicking on β€˜Add to Cart’.

You may be prompted to choose the lab section. If so, select the option β€˜Circle Button’ corresponding to your preferred lab section and click on β€˜Continue’.

Step 13

You will notice the β€˜Permission Number’. These are not being used in LionsLink. Leave this box blank.

If you want to be added to the waitlist for a class, check the box β€˜Wait list if class is full’. 

Click β€˜Save’. 

Step 14

To continue to search/add courses from the class schedule and add to your Shopping Cart, click on the β€˜3-dot menu’. 

Then click β€˜Add to Cart’.

Step 15

When you are ready to enroll in the classes in your cart, select β€˜Enrollment’ on the left side navigation bar. In the newly appeared dropdown, select β€˜Shopping Cart’. 

Step 16

Check the boxes for the classes that you want to enroll in. Then click on the β€˜Enroll’ button. 

Step 17

Review the β€˜Enrollment Results’ window to confirm classes have been added to your schedule. 

If you cannot add a class, an β€˜Error Message’ will appear. 

When the class has been added successfully, the window will say β€˜Added to your schedule’.

Tip: A green results box means that you have either been enrolled in the course or added to the waitlist. A red box means an error occurred and the class has not been added to your schedule. If you have been added to a waitlist, you will see your position number. 

Important Tip - Enrollment Requirements (prerequisites):

If you believe you have met the requirements to enroll in a class, but are being blocked from enrolling, please visit for registration assistance.

BEdA/ELL Waiver

Form for ABED/ELL student to waive the course fee. Complete the following request to be eligible for a waiver of the $25.00 quarterly tuition fee for ABE, ELL, AHSE and GED courses. A waiver must be submitted for each quarter.

Fill out the BEdA/ELL waiver here.

More information about LWTech's BEdA and ELL program

Online Change of Program Form

Form used for changing your educational program/major. This form is submitted online only. You must use your LWTech student email when submitting this form.

Change Program/Major Form Online

Course Add After 10th Day Form

Form used for adding a new course after the 10th day of the quarter. Instructor must verify what date student first attended this class.
Submit the completed form to the Enrollment Services Office, West Building, W201.

Course Add After 10th Day Form

Application for Graduation

Form used at the completion of degrees/certificate to receive your Diploma or certificate. If you have already completed your program but have not yet received your degree or certificate submit your application form to Enrollment Services in West Building, W201. More information about applying for graduation

Application for Graduation Online

Commencement Ceremony

Note, applying for graduation is not the same as registering for the Commencement ceremony. To attend your Commencement you must register for the ceremony separately. More information about Commencement

Incomplete Grade Contract

The grade of β€œI” or incomplete is used to indicate the grade has been deferred because the student is unable to complete the requirements of the course during the quarter due to reasons beyond his or her control (accident, illness, death in family, etc.). Work with your instructor to determine eligibility for an incomplete grade. Learn more about incomplete grades.

Incomplete Grade Contract (PDF)

Placement Records Request Form

You can request records from the Assessment Center of your placement score report, ATI TEAS score report or other. Please complete and return the following information to the Assessment Center in West Building, W204.

Placement Records Request Form (PDF)

Prior Learning Assessment

Have a Prior Learning Assessment process started. Identifying credit for prior learning can be accomplished by an assessment process conducted by qualified faculty and may result in a course or several courses being posted to a student's transcript.

Prior Learning Assessment Form (PDF)

Find out more about Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Records and Transcript Request

An official transcript is the official record of a student's academic achievement at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. Current and former students may request official records.

Current students may also view and print unofficial transcripts in LionsLink.

See Records and Transcript Request Options

Course Substitution Form

Form for substituting courses for degree completion, allowing one course to count in place of a different course. All course substitutions must be approved by the faculty advisor and the Dean of your program.

Submit your substitution form, signed by your faculty advisor to East Building, E221 for Dean’s approval.

Substitution Form (PDF)

Update Personal Information Online

Update your contact information, preferred First Name, and preferred email.

Update Personal Information via LionsLink

Alternate Personal Information Change Form

You can to update your personal information via our alternate online form without logging into LionsLink. 

Personal Information Change Form

Information Change Form (PDF)

Veterans Waiver

Form used to waive tuition and fees for eligible students. Submit completed form to the Enrollment Services, West Building, W201. More information about tuition waivers.

Veterans Waiver (PDF)