Graduation & Commencement

Congratulations! You're ready to graduate.

When you are ready to complete your degree or certificate program, you must submit several forms, along with your Graduation Application, Degree Audit, and Graduation Survey. Please follow the steps below to complete all graduation requirements. After you are approved for graduation, you may choose to participate in the annual commencement ceremony. 

Before starting your graduation process, please check that you meet all eligibility requirements.


Before starting your graduation process, you will need to make sure to double check if you meet all requirements for receiving your degree and/or certificate. Below is a basic checklist of the requirements you should meet before applying for graduation. 

Minimum credits for any degree or certificate

Ninety (90) upper division credits for a bachelor’s degree OR 90 credits for AAS, AAS-T, DTA/MRP, OR 45 credits for Cert. of Proficiency OR as required for other certificates. For more information, please refer to the college catalog.

Minimum credits for students' specific program

Students must have the total credits required to graduate. For more information, please refer to the college catalog.


Thirty percent (30%) of technical courses must be taken at Lake Washington Institute of Technology (LWTech). 100% of courses must be taken at LWTech for Certificates of Completion.

Academic Core

At least 20 credits for AAS, AAS-T, DTA/MRP OR 15 for Certificates of Proficiency – individual programs have specific, published requirements. For more information, please refer to the college catalog.


Every required class must have a grade of at least 2.0.

Incomplete Grades

Contact course instructor(s) to resolve incomplete grades.

Waivers or substitutions

Must be approved by an instructional dean and filed with Enrollment Services.

Financial Aid

Check with the Financial Aid Office. Requesting the degree or certificate may have an impact on future financial aid.


Step 1

Apply to Graduate

Apply to Graduate

Before You Apply

Graduation Application

In order to graduate from LWTech, you will need to complete the graduation application. The application deadline varies for Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters. Please complete the application before each deadline. 

Step 2

Complete the Graduation Survey

2019-2020 Academic Year Graduates

Fill out this quick survey to help us understand more about your experience as a student at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.

Step 3

Learn About the Commencement Ceremony

Register for the Commencement Ceremony

Congratulations on your academic accomplishments! LWTech is proud to offer a celebratory experience that honors all your hard work. This commencement ceremony is an opportunity to invite your friends, family and mentors to watch you walk across our stage!

The ceremony is a large event that requires you to know a lot of information. Please visit the commencement ceremony page to learn all you need to know including: eligibility requirements, how to register, when to arrive, and guest services information.

All students that would like to participate in the Commencement ceremony, are required to register for the ceremony. 


Attending commencement does not guarantee you have graduated. Applying for your degree or certificate does NOT register you for the commencement ceremony. Students intending to complete their program in the fall, winter, spring, summer before, or summer after may participate in the commencement ceremony.

Learn About the Commencement Ceremony

The annual commencement ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate your academic accomplishments. We hope you will join us in June to celebrate your success. To learn more visit our commencement ceremony information page.