Mental Health Counseling Services

What is Counseling?

Personal counseling is a chance to talk confidentially with an objective person who can help you learn new skills and look at situations in different ways. This can help you become more capable of solving new problems on your own in the future. Some students benefit from one or two sessions of problem-solving, while others may require more. Although counselors may differ in their approach to counseling, they all have one goal in common: to help you find relief and resolutions to your concerns.

LWTech offers short term counseling services to all students for FREE.

Appointment Times and Session Length

  • Appointments are available Monday - Thursday
  • Appointments available virtually or in-person.
    • In-person appointments are available:
      • Tuesdays
      • Wednesdays
  • Appointments are scheduled for 45 minutes
  • Appointments are FREE for all currently enrolled LWTech students.

Telemental Health Services

All new clients are required to review and complete initial documents prior to their first Counseling session. This information will be sent to you via email through SimplePractice, our HIPAA compliant scheduling and video platform. Additionally, all online video appointments are done through this platform. Once you sign up for counseling, you will be provided with a link for your virtual appointment.

Short-Term Counseling Services

Students are eligible for short-term counseling services. 

  • Short-term means counseling can range from a few sessions to meeting for a full quarter depending on the student needs.
  • Our counselors will work together with the students to find referrals for more long-term support for students that need more support.


There may be times during some quarters where counseling sessions will become fully booked. A waitlist will be put in place. Counselors will always do their best to get each student connected with a consult call to discuss next steps, and provide resources as soon as possible.

Same Day Appointments

In most cases, we are unable to offer same day appointments and encourage you to connect with the 24-hour crisis line for emergency assistance at (866) 427-4747 or call the nationwide Suicide and Crisis Lifeline at 988.

To request an appointment with LWTech's Mental Health Counselor, complete our online appointment request form:

Counseling Appointment Request Form

We will contact you within 2 business days. Please note that counseling appointments are popular and may be booked out 1-2 weeks.

Meet Our Counselors

Kris Lau, LMHC
Pronouns: She/They
Faculty Mental Health Counselor

Kris Lau selfieKris (she/her & they/them) is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Certificate in Chemical Dependency Counseling from City University of Seattle and over 10 years’ experience supporting people with mental health challenges. Kris is a former Adjunct Professor in LWTech’s Behavioral Health BAS program and Associate Professor in Seattle Central College’s Bachelors of Behavioral Health program. She is passionate about supporting BIPOC, LGBTQIA2S+, first-generation, marginalized and other “non-traditional” students in their educational journey. Prior to joining LWTech as the full-time mental health counselor Kris worked as a counselor in private practice, as a clinician, clinical supervisor and clinical director for community mental health agencies and non-profits throughout King County, upstate New York and Alaska.

Kris is a member of the American Psychological Association, the American Counselors Association, the American Mental Health Counselors Association—including the Washington chapter, and the International Society for Mental Health Online. Kris is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Psychology from Saybrook University and maintains a strong interest in utilizing technology as a tool to support and manage mental wellness.

Kris' specialties are:

Kris' Approach to Counseling

Clients and colleagues describe Kris as empathic, down-to-earth, and compassionate. Kris emphasizes a safe and supportive environment and focus on the integration of the whole person, considering each individual’s strengths and intersectionality. She is well-versed in cognitive behavioral therapy, brief solution-focused, harm reduction, motivational interviewing interventions, and mindfulness-based strategies. Kris believes the work of therapy is to work with each client from a space of cultural humility with the goal that they no longer need therapy. Her work is tailored to each individual with a foundation in humanistic theory and the wellness model with a focus on empowerment. Kris’ overall approach is eclectic, utilizing the most appropriate theory for each client’s specific situation with a strengths-based orientation and foundations in Feminist therapy, Roger’s person-centered and Adler’s individual psychology orientations. She believes each person’s wellness should be based on where that person is and that person’s ideal state of wellness.

Carol Van Buren, LMHC, CDP
Pronouns: She/Her
Contract Mental Health Counselor

Photo of Carol Van Buren, LWTech Counselor

Carol is a contract counselor who provides services to LWTech students in a limited capacity.

Carol has over 20 years of professional mental health experience. Prior to working at LWTech, she had most recently been in private practice providing counseling. In addition to private practice, Carol has experience working in a variety of roles from direct client counseling to unit supervisor and Clinical Director at organizations such as Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center, Group Health, Sunrise Services, Monroe Department of Corrections, and more. Carol received her Master of Counseling degree from Seattle University and holds the following licenses: Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Chemical Dependency Professional, and Registered Nurse’s Assistant.

Carol's Approach to Counseling

I specialize in therapy for individuals. I emphasize work on “self” in all relationships, including family of origin, providing a different way of thinking about yourself and your life. I provide treatment that values truth and honesty, as the only route to one’s true self. Focus on self can address a host of benefits including improving self-knowledge, relationships that are based on self-understanding, recovery from abusive relationships whether experienced as an adult or as a child, better physical health, and an increase in creativity. My strongest belief is that as one improves their sense of true self, the ripple effects move outward to all relationships—past, present, and future.

Additional Support for Students with Mental Health Diagnoses

If you identify as a student with a disability, inclusive of mental health diagnosis' such as anxiety or depression, you may qualify for additional support services at LWTech. Many times students with mental health diagnoses do not consider themselves to be students with disabilities which leads to them being underserved in the following support programs. We highly encourage you to connect with these services to see if you qualify as you may benefit from the services provided.

  • Disability Support Services: Provides disability accommodations (such as additional time on tests, priority registration, reduced distraction testing areas) to students with documented disabilities.
  • TRiO: Provides academic advising, scholarship assistance, tutoring, transfer planning, financial literacy education, and support to eligible students.

Counseling Resources