Who is My Advisor

Student Success Navigators and Advisors

LWTech uses the terms Student Success Navigator and Advisor interchangeably. New students see Student Success Navigators/Advisors for help in choosing their first quarter classes. This can be facilitated through drop-in advising or through an appointment.

Once you have begun your program, see your Faculty advisor for help choosing technical classes for future quarters. Your Faculty advisor is most often an instructor in your program. To find your Faculty Advisor contact information, visit your program of study webpage.

Meeting With an Advisor

In order to see an advisor, students must have

Students with prior college credits, AP scores, CLEP, miliary transcripts, etc that they would like to transfer in to LWTech towards their program are encouraged to:

  • Send Official Transcripts at least 3 weeks in advance for evaluation.
    • International transcripts must be evaluated and translated by an international transcript evaluation company
  • Unofficial transcripts may be utilized for placement purposes.

Student Success Navigator and Advisor Assignments 

Students Pursuing Competitive Admission Healthcare Programs

Students pursuing pre-requisites for Dental Hygiene, Nursing, and Physical Therapist Assistant are encouraged to do their own initial research of these programs by reviewing the robust resources on each of these program's webpages prior to meeting with an advisor.

Each program webpage contains a PowerPoint information session that should be reviewed. This information session includes many frequently asked questions such as the required pre-requisite courses and application elements and statistics on our admission rates. These program webpages also include supplemental information packets, a link to the application, and frequently asked questions. 

Course Equivalency and Out of State Transcripts

Advisors cannot guarantee that a course from another institution, especially out of state institutions, will count towards the pre-requisites for a competitive admission program. Students must submit an official transcript to the college for evaluation to receive this confirmation.

Students who took courses at WA colleges that have different course names or titles than what is listed as a pre-requisite for one of these competitive programs may email selective.admission@lwtech.edu for questions about course equivalency. To learn more about transferring courses to LWTech, visit the Transferring to LWTech webpage.

As You Progress Through Your Program

Continue to meet with your Student Success Navigator/Advisor to discuss your progress with academic core/general education course work, to discuss academic issues or difficulties, and to get assistance with identifying resources on campus that will make you more successful in reaching your academic and career goals. Student Success Navigators and advisors want to work with you from the time you arrive at LWTech to the time you graduate with a certificate or degree!

Academic Advising for Special Population Students

LWTech's special population programs include, High School Programs, International Programs, BFET, Opportunity Grant, TRIO programs, Worker Retraining, and WorkFirst.

These programs deliver academic advising as one of many services provided to you. If participating in one or more of these programs, your advisor will be different than those listed above. Refer to the individual service pages for advisor and contact information: