Transferring to LWTech

Transfer Credit Process

Enrollment Services staff will evaluate your transcript based on your current program of study, specifically looking for courses that satisfy LWTech Gen Education requirements (see the note below for the types of courses that can transfer to satisfy General Education requirements) and/or prerequisite requirements for one of our Selective Admissions programs.

Due to high demand for evaluation services, students are encouraged to submit official transcripts at the time they apply to LWTech. Evaluation results will be available 2-4 weeks after the receipt of official transcripts. The total number of credits transferred in and the institution from which the credits were transferred will be posted to your LWTech transcript. The results of the evaluation can be viewed by running a Degree Audit(SID and PIN required) for your current program of study.

If you would like to go over your transcripts with an advisor,bring the sealed transcripts or an unofficial copy to Advising. They will unofficially evaluate your credits and help you with course selection.

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Academic classes can only be accepted from regionally accredited institutions. Technical coursework from regionally and non-regionally accredited institutions may be accepted based on individual faculty review. Students may be required to provide course syllabi and/or pass a demonstration of skill assessment in order to receive credit for classes. In all cases, transferring in technical coursework must be accompanied by a Substitution Form.

Transferring Courses to LWTech

If you have completed classes at other colleges or universities, transferring credit to LWTech may help you complete requirements. The easiest way to transfer credits is to contact the transcript office of your previous college(s), and have your official (sealed) transcripts sent to:

Enrollment Services
Lake Washington Institute of Technology
11605 132nd Avenue NE
Kirkland, WA 98034

Electronic Transcripts (e-transcripts)

If your former college offers the option to send an official e-transcript to LWTech to see if your credits will transfer, please have that college send your official e-transcript to

Students who complete college-level work in high school may receive credit at LWTech based on scores on the Advanced Placement examination administered by the College Board. In all subject areas, credit is awarded for scores of 3 or higher.

LWTech will award transfer credits for these AP exams.

CLEP provides students the opportunity to earn college credit for knowledge obtained in non-traditional settings (self study, job training, internships, personal interest, etc.) Additional information about CLEP exams can be found on the College Board website. Information about taking CLEP exams at LWTech can be found on our Assessment Center webpage.

LWTech will award transfer credit to students who pass the following subject exams:

Subject Exam Minimum
Passing Score
Credit Awarded* Gen Ed

American Government


ADHS 091 (5 cr)




MATH& 151 (5 cr)

Quantitative Skills

College Composition


ENGL& 101 (5 cr)

Written Communication

College Algebra


MATH& 111 (5 cr)

Quantitative Skills

College Mathematics


MATH& 107 (5 cr)

Quantitative Skills

Human Growth & Development


PSYC& 200 (5 cr)

Social Sciences

Introductory Business Law


BUS& 201 (5 cr)

Social Science

Introductory Psychology


PSYC& 100 (5 cr)

Social Sciences

Introductory Sociology


SOC& 101 (5 cr)

Social Sciences

Information Systems & Computer Applications


BAS 101 (2 cr)


Principles of Macroeconomics


ECON& 202 (5 cr)

Social Sciences

Principles of Microeconomics


ECON& 201 (5 cr)

Social Sciences



MATH& 141 (5 cr)

Quantitative Skills

Spanish Language Level 1


SPAN& 121 (5 cr)


Spanish Language Level 2


SPAN& 122 (5 cr)


*Passing the CLEP exams listed above counts as transfer credit and does not count as actual credit earned at LWTech. Transferability of these courses to other institutions is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Please consult with those institutions regarding their CLEP policy.

Prior learning is the knowledge and skills gained through: work and life experience; military training and experience; and formal and informal education and training from in-state and out-of-state institutions, including foreign institutions.

LWTech recognizes that students may come to the college with skills and knowledge acquired through prior learning, some of which could meet regular credit course requirements. Identifying credit for prior learning can be accomplished by an assessment process conducted by qualified faculty and may result in a course or several courses being posted to your transcript. Current accreditation standards suggest that no more than 25% of the credits earned through the PLA process may be applied toward degrees or certificates.

Learn more about Prior Learning Assessment

The table below provides examples of the types of courses that can transfer to LWTech and satisfy General Education requirements. Some programs may require that a specific course be taken to satisfy an General Education requirement. Check with your faculty advisor or academic program for details.

Please note, academic classes can only be accepted from regionally accredited institutions.

*A specific course may be credited toward no more than one distribution or skill area requirement.

Requirement Types of Courses

Written Communication

Only courses equivalent to ENGL& 101, 102, or 235


  • Art
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Foreign Language/American Sign Language
  • Drama/Theater
  • Speech
  • Literature
  • History*

Quantitative Reasoning

Typically any math course with an intermediate algebra prerequisite

Social Science

  • History*
  • Philosophy
  • Anthropology
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Geography
  • Sociology

LWTech welcomes military veterans on campus and encourages students to submit official copies of their Joint Services Transcript (JST) or other official record of military training (such as AARTS, SMART, or CGI) for review to the enrollment services office. If you believe your military training allowed you to gain competency in areas not listed on your JST, consider speaking with your faculty member about the college's Prior Learning Assessment process.

Lake Washington Institute of Technology will grant a minimum elective credit for each Cambridge International Examination for A-level exam with a passing grade or above for approved examinations. Credit will be awarded on the basis of official Cambridge International Examination results, not transcript notation. Duplicate credit for the same subject taken on different exams will not be granted. No grades are posted for A-level exams.

LWTech will award unrestricted elective credit for an International Baccalaureate (IB) score of 4 on standard-level or higher-level IB exams. Credit will be awarded on the basis of official IB results, not transcript notation.

LWTech will award transfer credits for these IB exams.

Transferring Courses to LWTech from International Institutions

Students who wish to transfer courses from institutions outside of the United States will need to have a course-by-course evaluation of their transcripts performed by an international credential evaluation agency (below).

Once the agency evaluation is complete, submit the officially sealed evaluation along with an English translation of your international transcript to Enrollment Services (see address above).

A copy of your transcript will be made and the original will be returned to you. In order to match courses with specific LWTech courses, students may be required to obtain course descriptions in addition to submitting the agency evaluation.

International Credential Evaluation Agencies

Transferring into Bachelor of Applied Science Programs at LWTech

Lake Washington Institute of Technology is committed to helping students complete the education they need. Therefore, we have partnered with other colleges and universities to establish articulation (transfer) agreements. These articulation agreements formally recognize that these colleges as educational partners in providing opportunities for currently enrolled and potential students. 

In signing an articulation agreement we commit to facilitating the transfer of students from lower-level approved degree programs into higher level Bachelor of Applied Science Programs (BAS) programs, allowing for maximum transfer of credit and a seamless transition of students.

Interested students should meet with an advisor to minimize their time in school and discuss financial aid options.

Accepted Transfer Institutions

The following associate degree programs have articulation agreements to facilitate upward transfer into LWTech’s BAS in Behavioral Healthcare.

Cascadia College

Highline College

Whatcom Community College

The following associate degree programs have articulation agreements to facilitate upward transfer into LWTech’s BAS in Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management.

Shoreline Community College

*Students must have both the certificate and the AAS earned to qualify for entry into the program.