Meeting with an Advisor

New students

  • Students see advisors and Student Success Navigators in West Building, W207 for help in choosing their first quarter classes.
  • Students who are completing prerequisites also work with advisors in Student Services until they begin their program. 

After Your First Quarter

  • Once the student has chosen a program and has taken their first quarter of classes, they will receive technical advising from their Faculty/Program advisor. 
  • Student Success Navigators or advisors will be available to the student and work in partnership with the student's Faculty advisor to ensure that academic core classes are proceeding and provide referrals for campus resources that would further a student's academic success.

Advising Day

During Fall, Winter and Spring quarters, there is a day set aside specifically for advising. Classes are not held, but students still come to campus to meet with their faculty advisors and to begin the registration process for the following quarter. See the Academic Calendar for dates.

Make the Most of Your Appointment

Complete the steps below before you see an advisor.

  • If you need an entry code for a particular class, bring your transcript from a previous college showing the prerequisite course.
  • Bring all materials needed to share with an advisor/Student Success Navigator at your appointment, such as transcripts and/or placement test scores from previous colleges.
  • Arrange childcare if needed. Children can accompany you to campus. However, make sure you can give your full attention to the advisor during your appointment.
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early to check in.
  • Turn off your cell phone or other electronic devices during your appointment.